At the age of 71, Gabrielle Chanel reopens her couture salon after 15 years and remains true to her timeless style. Although critics accuse her of not having adapted to the fashion zeitgeist of the 1950s (which the designer considers a reactionary nightmare), her costumes sell well. Chanel's rival Elsa Schiaparelli closes her salon. Jacques Fath dies in Paris at the age of 42. His wife Geneviève takes over the business. Christian Dior presents the "Ligne Muguet" for Spring 1954, followed by the "Ligne H" with an unaccentuated bust for Fall. Pierre Cardin presents his sensational "Robe Bulle" characterized by a balloon-shaped skirt. 21-year-old Karl Lagerfeld and 18-year-old Yves Saint Laurent win the Woolmark Prize (Lagerfeld for a canary yellow coat, Saint Laurent for a cocktail dress), and from now on leave their indelible mark on the world of fashion.