Collection: EMILIO PUCCI

Marchese Emilio Pucci's vibrant prints became his trademark, and he designed and marketed them himself, which was highly unusual for an illustrious member of the Italian aristocracy in the 1950s and considered quite shocking. Pucci was among the first designers to develop a coherent and instantly recognizable signature style. He applied his distinctive designs with the iconic "Emilio" signature to a whole range of garments made from high-quality natural fabrics such as silk, wool and velvet. His lightweight silk jersey in particular was groundbreaking, as it was wrinkle-free and the perfect choice for travelers. Pucci's designs quickly became popular among high society and the jet set in the 1950s and 1960s. His colorful prints and modern silhouettes appealed to the fashion elite, including celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe (who was buried in a Pucci dress), Romy Schneider and Jacqueline Kennedy. Already since the 1990s, early Pucci pieces have become sought-after collector's items and vintage classics. Pucci's eye-catching accessories such as silk and velvet evening bags and oversized sunglasses are equally iconic and highly sought after.