Alexander McQueen's approach to aesthetics and design is best captured by his quote, "I want people to be afraid of the women I dress." McQueen's designs were known for their sharp tailoring and exploration of the darker side of humanity, often pushing boundaries and sparking controversy. One of his most famous designs were the extremely low-rise Bumster pants, which exposed bottom cleavage and challenged conventional notions of modesty and sensibility. Throughout his career, McQueen created unforgettable runway moments. The Fall 1995 show of "Highland Rape" shocked the audience as models stumbled down the runway in slashed garments, symbolizing Scotland's brutal history. The Spring 1999 "No. 13" collection featured a groundbreaking finale in which two robots spray-painted a dress worn by model Shalom Harlow, creating a mesmerizing blend of technology and artistry. Another legendary collection was "Plato's Atlantis" from Spring 2010 with literal "out of this world" designs and the iconic "Armadillo" shoes.