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British VOGUE UK November 1966

British VOGUE UK November 1966

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The November 1966 issue of Vogue UK is a remarkable edition with a captivating Donna Mitchell cover, incredible advertisements, bold 1960s graphics, and iconic fashion photography by esteemed artists such as Paul Anthony, Saul Leiter (a superb full page portrait of Jean Shrimpton), Eugène Vernier, David Bailey (a magnificent full page portrait of Princess Soraya), Terry O'Neill, Hiroshi, Czember, and Helmut Newton. The photography throughout this issue is exceptional, capturing the essence and energy of the 1960s. The magazine stands as a testament to the superb quality and creativity of British Vogue during that time, making it a highly sought-after collector's item for fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This magazine is in very good vintage condition with minor signs of general wear and age.

Cover: Donna Mitchell by David Bailey
Editor-in-chief: Beatrix Miller

198 pages
651 g
23,2 cm x 31,2 cm/9.1“ x 12.3"

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