• HARPER'S BAZAAR US August 1971


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The August 1971 issue of Harper's Bazaar features stunning ads, bold 1970s typography, and iconic fashion photography by acclaimed artists such as Bruce Laurance, Silano, Kourken Pakchanian, Guy Bourdin (portrait of Maria Callas) and Chris von Wangenheim, among others. The magazine is a feast for the eyes, capturing the essence of the era in its pages, and a sought-after collector's item.

Cover by Bill King,  model unknown
Editor-in-chief: Nancy White
Fashion Creative Director: China Machado

136 pages
363 g
24,0 cm x 31,4 cm/9.4“ x 12.4"“

This magazine is in very good vintage condition with light general wear and a small blue stamp on the cover. Cover and pages are wavy towards the spine, which is quite common with Harper's Bazaar magazines from this period.