• VOGUE ITALIA December 1971

VOGUE ITALIA December 1971

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This incredibly rare December 1971 issue of Vogue Italia features stunningly beautiful advertisements and exceptional fashion and beauty photography by Chris von Wangenheim, Oliviero Toscani, Jean-Jacques Bugat, Alberto Rizzo, David Bailey, and others. From the first to the last page, this issue perfectly captures the vibe of the early 1970s. It is a testimony of its time and highly collectible. An early issue of Vogue Italia, published in a very small number of copies at that time, very rare.

Cover: Christiana Steidten by Chris von Wangenheim
Editor-in-chief: Franco Sartori

174 pages
579 g
23,8 cm x 31,2 cm/9.4“ x 12.3“

This magazine is in very good vintage condition with a small stamp and a small hand-written note on both cover and first page.